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Skip the do it yourself and hire professionals to fix your window cranks. Save, costs, time, and energy by hiring us at 24/7 Window and Glass Repair for your window crank repair in Markham Ontario, Canada today.
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About Us.

We have been certified for over three years and in that time, we have grown by a wealth of experiences, served clients who leave positive reviews and recommendations, and as long-term goals we seek to make Markham a better place for homes, offices, and even public areas.
We hold certain values dear to the reputation of our brand. These include;
Honesty; we at 24/7 believe in honesty as the trademark of our brand as a result we produce flawless audits and quotations.
Productivity; our staff at 24/7 Window and Glass Repair Markham are trained to be efficient in their dealings and jobs. Productivity for time.
Maximum client satisfaction; as long term goals, we ensure each client’s window repair is managed to detail. We take each job as seriously as the next and build our brand based on individual customer satisfaction.
Long-term, we at 24/7 window and glass repair Markham look forward to seeing every building in Markham Ontario, Canada with sturdy, durable, and reliable windows.

Mode Of service Operations;

At 24/7 Window and Glass Repair Markham ON we offer window repair services that cut across all niches. Our services include installation, repair, replacement, and even basic fixes.
We also offer all of that on window cranks for residential areas, corporate businesses, public centers, and even cars.
Upon receiving your call, we offer the following services on your window cranks;

Damage assessment

As soon as you place the call to us, we send a handyman over to assess the damage if need be, otherwise, the damage could be assessed when the fix-it team arrives.


We send you a quotation for the service we are to render and if there are any objections from our clients, we have it reviewed to fit into the client’s budget and demands.


As soon as we come to any agreement with our client, we go-ahead to search for missing pieces of the crank from the casement style window.

What makes 24/7 Window and Glass Repair Markham ON Different?

The primary thing that distinguishes us from the competition is that we are committed to meeting the demands of our clients;


  • You want validity and proof of decent services, we are a registered business in Markham Ontario with a whole lot of positive reviews to attest to our flawless service.


  • You want quick turnaround time, we have enough workmanship to ensure same day service and emergency services are still of our standard quality.


  • You are on a budget? Our services are highly affordable and payment plans are also flexible


  • You want easy accessibility, we are available round the clock as our name implies and are available for emergency jobs as well as same-day window replacement.

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