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Be security conscious! Time to replace, fix, or install your window locks today!!!

Your window locks are just as important as your door locks. For the protection of lives and property, added window security is advised.
Book us at 24/7 window and Glass Repair, Markham ON today, and have the best locksmiths in town formulate, install or repair your window locks.
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About Us.

We have been certified for over three years and in that time, we have grown by a wealth of experiences, served clients who leave positive reviews and recommendations, and as long-term goals we seek to make Markham a better place for homes, offices, and even public areas.
We hold certain values dear to the reputation of our brand. These include;
Honesty; we at 24/7 believe in honesty as the trademark of our brand as a result we produce flawless audits and quotations.
Productivity; our staff at 24/7 Window and Glass Repair Markham are trained to be efficient in their dealings and jobs. Productivity for time.
Maximum client satisfaction; as long term goals, we ensure each client’s window repair is managed to detail. We take each job as seriously as the next and build our brand based on individual customer satisfaction.
Long-term, we at 24/7 window and glass repair Markham look forward to seeing every building in Markham Ontario, Canada with sturdy, durable, and reliable windows.

Our Services.

At 24/7 Glass and Window Repair Markham ON, we offer services for everything window related. From full installments of glass, vinyl, aluminum, frame installments to hinges repair and even locks repair and installments. To request our services for locks repair, place a call to us and then:

Why should you choose us?

  • Our Reviews attest to the services we offer. Upon inquiry, we can always provide references of three recently concluded jobs, upon request. You can cross-check with them if you need extra validation.
  • We are licensed and have been in operation for the past five years in Markham, ON.
  • Timely service delivery; we value your privacy and convenience and as such, our handymen never slack on the job.
  • Value; we value our customer's opinions and concerns, and we are to attend to them every step of the way.
  • Our locksmiths simply formulate the best and safest lock there is in Markham ON
  • Professionalism; we are strictly professional in our approach to business, and as such we are all about efficiency, productivity, and of course healthy customer relations.
  • Peace of mind: Choosing us at 24/7 Glass and Window Repair Markham ON, care about your safety because we know how important security is, we will never deliver defective locks so you can be rest assured your home, office, or business are entirely secured

Join a happier Community of people with safer buildings and businesses today by getting your locks replaced, installed, repaired, or formulated at 24/7 Glass and Window Markham ON. Call us at +(647) 277-5033 today!!

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